Web Based Insurance Certificate Tracking and Management Software

Do your vendors, contractors and business partners have adequate insurance? What will it cost you to find out?

How do you track and manage insurance certificates today? Is it time consuming? Or maybe it just doesn’t get done? How do you identify and track lapsed certifications? What would happen to your insurance premium rates if something happened with a non-insured partner?

That's where we come in. CertainCert™ Software is a certificate work flow management system that simplifies the entry, tracking and overall management of incoming and outgoing certificates of insurance.

CertainCert is internet-enabled. It is a tool for not only creating and managing a database of hundreds to thousands of certificates of insurance, it also enables companies to manage incoming and outgoing Certs via e-mail!

CertainCert LLC is a software development firm built with only one objective - providing a low cost software application to manage certificates of insurance and simplify your life. It is our only business and we’ve been doing it for 17 years!

That means providing your organization with risk reducing and time saving capabilities. Real capabilities like these:

CertainCert Capability         

Automatic Expiration Checks - You can avoid missed expiration dates! CertainCert reminds you as expiration dates approach so you can take the necessary action.

Analysis of Coverage and Limits - This allows YOU to compare "vendors/contractors" certificates to your requirements! You are able to monitor the AM Best Insurance ratings/financial ratings and licensed states of operation.

Workflow Management Center - CertainCert reminds you about many processing aspects, such as Incoming Certificates waiting compliance processing, letter generation schedules, pending letter printing/emailing schedules, expiring certificates over the next 90 days, and data inconsistencies such as Insured's that have duplicate certificates or no certificates.

Electronic Distribution of Certificates - You can deliver incoming certificates of insurance Request letters, Non-Compliance Letters and Renewals letters via e-mail quickly and efficiently by using CertainCert software. You can deliver outgoing certificates of insurance via, e-mail with the certificates as a PDF attachment, print or fax quickly and efficiently by using CertainCert software.