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2009 ACORD 25 - Are Your Insurance Requirements Obsolete?

Posted by Cary White on Sat, Nov 27, 2010 @ 19:11 PM

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Are Your Insurance Requirements Obsolete?Reviewing a number of issues on the web, I came across a post from David Sullivan, Risk Managers, LLC, in LinkedIn Answers. The changes in the 2009 ACORD 25 have happened. ACORD has discontinued use of previous versions of the ACORD 25 form. Use of previous versions of the ACORD 25 may lead to violation of user licenses with ACORD. While past form changes encouraged by ISO about additional insured endorsements and other issues were slow to be adopted or were ignored, the radical changes in the 2009 ACORD 25 should encourage everyone to review their insurance requirements again from the ground up.  Everyone should carefully review 

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