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Certificate of Liabilty Insurance Request Letters and Cert Tracking

Posted by Cary White on Fri, Feb 18, 2011 @ 15:02 PM

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Are you sending out letter after letter requesting insurance certificates, re-requesting certificates and re-re-requesting insurance certificates? Are you frustrated with your results? If you are serious about insurance certificate tracking and insurance certificate management, certificate of liability insurance request letters are essential. Any casual review of the web will surface any number of sample letters from well intentioned businesses addressing their specific industry, business style and goals. Most are well intentioned letters politely requesting an insurance certificate and include a highlight of one or more essential provisions. These are a recipe for disaster. You will continue sending out letter after letter like blasts from a hose. Some will hit their mark. Most will not.

Insurance certificate tracking success necessitates a moment of reflection and a well thought out strategy when it comes to effective certificate of liability insurance request letters.

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