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Professional Liability Insurance Tracking - Additional Insureds

Posted by Cary White on Tue, Feb 15, 2011 @ 15:02 PM

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Professional Liability Insurance Tracking - Concerns of Additional InsuredsDo you request an additional insured endorsement from professionals that work for or with you? Have you experienced trouble obtaining additional insured endorsements from professionals?

It is common practice to request an additional insured endorsement from General Liability insurers and there is a great body of law and experience surrounding those requests. Professional Liability insurance is different. In most cases, underwriters do not allow Additional Insured endorsements on professional liability policies. Getting an Additional Insured endorsement can be vexing particularly for construction projects or other circumstances involving municipalities other government agencies, lenders and others accustomed to being named as an Additional Insured on all liability policies. Why is it so hard to get an Additional Insured endorsement from a professional liability policy?

Essential Reason

Professional Liability coverage is triggered by an allegation of negligence regarding the rendering or failure to render professional services. Parties seeking to be added as an Additional Insured to a Professional Liability policy are generally not a professional firm or providing professional services. Instead, such parties are looking for defense and coverage for suits brought against them. If allowed, such parties would be expected to tender claims for defense to professional liability insurers whether or not an allegation of professional negligence surfaces. Such defense claims would likely be denied by the professional liability insurer as these exposures are contrary to the underwriter's expectations and the policy wording.

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