Workflow for the Management and Tracking of Insurance Certificates

Workflow Management

Time Saving Features---Time Saving Benefits!

Woven throughout CertainCert is a robust insurance certificate management and tracking workflow system that enables you to define how much, or how little, you wish to monitor the cert management process. Built into CertainCert is a workflow management center which alerts you to what should be done versus what should I do next to managing your certificates. Complex analysis of your risk data is routine in CertainCert!

As a result, CertainCert's Incoming product provides the most accurate exposure information on any given project or customer account. The analysis and validation of coverage are only a button click away. To help you better manage risk, CertainCert compares the details of a cert with industry standard rankings of AM Best rated insurers. You know instantly whether a cert meets your organization's minimum standards. Data entry is quick and easy!

With the CertainCert's Outgoing product, you have the ability to print and/or email (fax) only that coverage information requested by the cert holder. This means that additional confidential information, such as total limits on coverage and additional data not originally requested, is kept confidential. When it comes time for your annual renewals, our new system can save you valuable time and resources.


  • Change and re-name holder or insured information - a onetime update to affect all certs

  • Ability to create or export your own custom data and ad hoc reports 

  • Search, display or print archived certs instantly

  • Search, display or print all system correspondence and external documents within the system for later review 

  • Track certs by organization, dates, projects, vendors, descriptions and user defined custom fields for tracking

  • Create Company organization structure with user defined security access for Contacts, Certificates, Attachments, Letters, etc.

  • CertainCert provides user id and password security

  • Export/Import reports to common word processing file formats, including Excel, PDF, and Word

  • Incoming processing capabilities:

    • Certificate Validation

    • Non-Compliance Letter/Email processing

    • Renewal Letter/Email processing

    • Request Letter/Email processing 

    • Include your insurance requirements on a Certificate of Insurance

  • Outgoing processing capabilities:

    • Certificate printing

    • Certificate emailing 

    • Include Customized Attachments with Certificate of Insurance

    • Batch Processing Annual Certificate Renewals

... and much more!

With CertainCert, you can spend more time on the rest of your job, and less time monitoring, entering and compiling information about your Certs!