CertainCert Software

Why do business with CertainCert?

CertainCert's web based application reduces potential risk and increased premiums by reducing the chance that if a claim is filed against your company, you can easily verify that your organization was covered by your vendors insurance.

CertainCert's SaaS model is based on an annual subscription which will fit your budget.

CertainCert has been in business for over 17 years – it is our only business and we know it well.

CertainCert reduces risk exposure by tracking and giving you insight on each Certificate and providing advance warning before a problem arises.

CertainCert saves time by automatically generating follow-up letters if a policy is about to Expire, Expired, Below Minimum Coverage Limits, or if a Certificate does not meet your requirements for any other reason (e.g. No Additional Insured, Missing Endeavor Language, etc.).

CertainCert improves decision-making by providing instant on-screen status information and management reports on all certificates. Managers can easily enforce a "no Cert - no work" policy.

CertainCert is the low cost provider in the industry – we provide a lot of value with our volumetric based subscription plans.